Cardano (ADA) has Become Particularly Visible on Japanese TVs [article]

Thanks to @Sicuro_Crypto on Telegram for this.


I lived and worked in Northern Japan. It’s an absolutely fantastic environment to live in.However, the people are very very conservative.They get told what to do by the government and their companies and they tow the line.If the government and banks tell them to use J coin they will use J coin.They might try to shut Cardano out.l can’t imagine the Japanese government system coin cooperating with Cardano.


What’s J coin?

I think he’s using J coin just as an example, to point out how obedient/gullible Japanese sometimes are, when it comes to what should/shouldn’t be used (according to the govt.) :slight_smile:

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When J coin moon?

It will only moon in a place like Neverland.