Cardano Addresses

Hi, I am currently going through the Cardano Staking course and wanted to clarify a few concepts I am confused about.

In the course, we went through the following

  1. Generate Payment Key Pairs and use Payment VKeys to generate Payment Addr denoted as p.addr
  2. Generate Stake Key Pairs and use Stake VKeys to generate Stake Addr denoted as s.addr
  3. Then finally, we regenerate a new address with the Payment VKey and Stake VKey, creating a new address called PaymentWithStake Addr denoted as ps.addr

I am conceptually confuse how all these tie together. Let me explain, in step 1, the address generated would be analogous of the address we can see in our Daedalus wallet’s receive tab. In step 2, the address generated is for the purpose of receiving rewards for staking. The goal of step 3 is to “connect” the s.addr(Step 2) with the p.addr(Step 1).


  1. Can I use p.addr, s.addr and ps.addr to receive payments?
  2. Which addr do I send my money to when I “delegate” to a stake pool?
  3. What is the purpose of ps.addr?

Thank You!


First… u want to delegate to a pool ?
What wallet are u using?
And how do u want to delegate?


Yes I am trying to delegate, but at the same time trying to understand how things are tied together. I am aware that I can delegate through the Daedalus wallet which is much simpler using their UI Interfaces. At the same time I want to understand how we can delegate using Cardano-CLI directly.

So I went through the staking course on IOHK and created my staking and payment keys & addresses. However, I am just confused about what ps.addr really do.

  1. Can I only delegate from funds in ps.addr and not from p.addr and s.addr?
  2. When I have decided a pool that I want to delegate to, which address(p.addr, s.addr or ps.addr) do I send my funds to?

Thank You!


To participate in delegation of stake, every exchange must have the following types of address keys:

  • Payment key - a single address key pair for generating UtxO addresses.
  • Staking key - a stake/reward address key pair for generating account/reward addresses to participate in the process of stake delegation.

The main steps for delegating stake are:

  • Create the stake keys
  • Create the payment keys
  • Register the stake address on the blockchain
  • Create and submit the stake delegation certificate


Would it be possible to control the amount of ADA you wish to delegate?

For the moment no… all funds will be delegated to the same pool… u can controll if u will create another/more wallets and transfer the funds…
But in the future will be release the multidelegation option (one wallet to multi pools)


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