Cardano and me


I wouldnt have got any crypto currency until the whole world decided to switch and I was left with no choice even thought I truly belive in technology and concept. I check up the market periodically and I couldn’t really picture using them, they all have good concepts and ideas but they feel a bit impractical. We have been perfecting our trade values for almost our entire existence and even though this is moving into towards next generation technology, and they provide whole new platform to adaptat to our life with technology but the tradeing system and its potential didn’t necessarily think about how are this trades been done, where, how and why? What is the point of currency if you aren’t able trade it the way you want. I believe cardano is here to fix that. I really think it has everything it needs to practically become the next way we actually pay for our stuff. It carries best of both world, not only that i think its going to be easier for general population to accept. What YOU guy’s think?


I agree the world is in desperate need of a transparent and fair means of exchange. Debt in every country has gotten out of hand, how much longer can this continue? If cardano provides a secure scalable blockchain with functioning side chains big banks are their debt based societies are in for a drastic change.


Spot on.
Cardano, the middle-ground coin.