Cardano Art-Work


:raised_hand:We are honored to share with you our conceptual Artwork of $ADA.:blush:

The aspect ratio is 16:9 and you can use it as #wallpaper for vertical screens like smartphones.

Using it is not prohibited by law and we would be happy if our artwork is used by people who appreciate it.:heart:


Awesome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Loving it! Using it! Sharing it! :sunglasses:

Thanks. :+1:

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woooow ! Enjoy it!:sweat_smile::heart_eyes:

It’s very kind of you :heart_eyes: great energy!

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but wut it mean?

About the general meaning :

As y’all perhaps know, NFT means non-fungible token and it gets this uniqueness from its Hash. On the other hand, pure art is unique in its essence as no one else can re-create or even get close to that. so Inspired by the uniqueness of human Fingerprints we created a non-fungible art in our AIO-CARD collection, which was added to a unique Hash on blockchain resulted in a pure product of uniqueness. That is why \“The_Genuine_NFT_Art\” deserves this collection. AOI collection includes 100 items from across the crypto atmosphere which is being released in 10 seasons. This collection raises from mankind intelligence itself, no AI nor any code interference or procedural involved exactly the same way blockchain was developed by human intelligence leading to various types of coins and tokens.

About ADA Artwork meaning :
The Cardano logo is derived from the type of network application that connects points in a specific order. The lines coming out of the core of the logo are exactly according to the geometry and angles of the original logo to show the universality of Cardano