Interview - Cardano NFTs #043: d’ADAs

Written interviews with NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain
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This week’s Cardano NFT project is minting 1.111 handmade NFTs layering existing art of 100 years or older with modern interpretation of human characteristics: d’ADAs.

The previous guest was an Alpha Group created by Lorenzo, who has been working as an NFT Analyst & Researcher on multiple blockchains.

This initiative is a point of reference for NFTs on Cardano and every week or two we will invite someone to answer some questions and give us an update directly from within the Cardano community.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

iAnnet & Chan, two rebellious artists from Amsterdam smash into the world of digital fine art with the mesmerising portrait collection d’ADAs.

iAnnet is an acclaimed iPhone photographer. Her work is so popular that Apple CEO Tim Cook once took a tour of Amsterdam with her. Her book “Amsterdam is oh so quiet” sold out in 6 months. It features photos of the city taken during lockdown.

Chan is a photographer known for her edgy, dark, and sexy portraits. She also has a fashion brand called CHAN Artwear, which features her art on walls, people, and streets. Her work often tells a story with a social or personal message.

d’ADAs team is fully doxxed. Sarah (creative intern) and Wouter (videographer) are the youngest members.

We are collaborating with NMKR, Mirai Music Productions and Frank Nitty.

What is d’ADAs? How did the idea come about and why have you chosen Cardano?

The name refers to the rebellious spirit of the dadaism era and the currency of Cardano: ADA. d’ADAs is a tribute to the grand masters of art. All 1.111 NFTs are made by hand in layering existing art of 100 years or older with modern interpretation of human characteristics. The most rare NFTs come alive in motion graphics and with custom composed soundscapes.

iAnnet & Chan are the purveyors of interactive fine art portraits in modern times. What Rembrandt did in 1625 in Amsterdam, the two artists reimagine 500 years later in the same city; to enlighten one’s face and personality through art. The portraits of iAnnet & Chan will not only remain on canvas, but will be immortalized on blockchain technology.

The digital art assets will evolve into wearable fashion and be part of creative expressions for corporate branding. Example: a mural for a local housing project of an African real estate company and a d’ADA on a vehicle of a scooter brand.

With the collection they bring fine art to a younger audience and gap the bridge between art institutes and art lovers. No museum or gallery can stay behind the art development of blockchain and web 3.0. The first art galleries knocked on d’ADAs door to collaborate in this mesmerising project.

The d’ADAs NFT artworks are being displayed in galleries

Why do you think NFTs are important for art? What are the most exciting applications of this technology?

I (iAnnet) think that the world of NFTs is just an intermediate station to something far bigger and more protected.

How to preserve one’s mind and protect the source of creative spirit? When you look at politics, nowadays extreme opinions are most desirable. People over shout and cannot enjoy art anymore. They’re absorbed with impressions, assumptions, fake news, copy cats, and making money.

What about untroubled JOY? How lovely it would be if JOY can be shared more locally and personally, maybe even in a ‘connected’ state without being online? Art has to emerge with the environment. Art on every corner of the street, art on the beach and in a forest. But also raising awareness.

For me it is all about JOY.

Web 3.0 technology can provide this. I like to be part of this innovation.

Two NFT artworks from the d’ADAs NFT project

What does the future hold? Where do you envision d’ADAs in 1, 5, 10 years respectively?

1 year: development of the d’ADAs fashion line, as well as collaborations with brands and d’ADAs Salon.

5 years: d’ADAs will be an innovation lab of local art, local experiences. The lab of JOY.

10 years: who will say? We’ll live on the d’ADAs moon :wink:

Awesome contribution. Any last remarks? Where can people learn more?

End of June d’ADAs will mint the official collection of 1.111 NFTs.

Learn more on our website.

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