Interview - Cardano NFTs #055: AdaLink

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Today’s guest on the Cardano NFTs column is a project building the first Web 3 affiliate network on Cardano: AdaLink.

The previous guest was a project building a play-to-earn layer that integrates with existing games like Fortnite.

This initiative is a point of reference for NFTs on Cardano and every week or two we will invite someone to answer some questions and give us an update directly from within the Cardano community.

Hey, glad to have you here. Please introduce your team, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Thank you for the opportunity to talk a bit about our project. At AdaLink we have a team of professionals from various industries:

We have Gisela Rosa, co-founder and community manager, she brings over a decade of experience as a professional musician and educator. She has collaborated with both world-renowned and emerging artists. Her deep understanding of the Cardano ecosystem will guide us in creating a platform that is accessible for our creative users.

Natalia Rosa, the project’s co-Founder, brings her background in multimedia production and her experience in directing television productions. Her passion for blockchain technology and its potential applications in the media industry is a key driving force behind AdaLink.

Mahmoud Nimer, our Lead Developer, is a Mechanical Engineer and Plutus Pioneer founder of the NFT platform Shrooms.

Keith Hedges, our SPO and technical consultant, combines his software engineering expertise with hands-on experience from running Hedges Stake Pool since Cardano’s epoch 254.

As Project Advisor we have Bryan Hernández a software engineer with extensive experience in the aerospace manufacturing industry and currently, serves as a Software Automation Engineer in the healthcare sector.

Together, we’re committed to driving AdaLink forward, blending our expertise to innovate within the Cardano ecosystem.

What is AdaLink? Why are you bringing your solution to Cardano in particular?

AdaLink is an innovative affiliate marketing platform designed to integrate seamlessly with the Cardano blockchain. It aims to connect businesses with content creators, influencers, and marketers who can effectively promote their products and services within the Cardano ecosystem.

We chose Cardano specifically because of its robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure, which is ideal for deploying dApps. Cardano’s commitment to research-driven development and its vibrant, rapidly growing community make it an excellent foundation for building a platform that empowers creators and businesses alike.

Moreover, Cardano’s eco-friendly proof-of-stake consensus mechanism aligns with our vision for a sustainable future in digital marketing.

In what way can NFT projects use your solution? And how are you specifically integrating NFT technology?

NFT project founders can use AdaLink to connect with partners seeking to promote their products or services to large Web3 communities. Initially, the focus is on pairing them with SPOs (Stake Pool Operators), the most prevalent business type on Cardano.

AdaLink will track NFT policy IDs to determine which conversions were made due to the affiliates’ promotional efforts, and then the platform’s smart contract will distribute rewards accordingly.

Our upcoming NFT collection, Frenchies by AdaLink, is an ecosystem-wide marketing initiative. The Frenchies NFTs will serve as a membership pass, granting holders exclusive and early access to resources, workshops, and potential monetization and sponsorship opportunities. Designed to prepare creators to effectively use the AdaLink platform, it ensures they possess the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality content that promotes their partners and the Cardano ecosystem.

This initiative not only cultivates a prepared user base for AdaLink but also showcases the practical application of NFTs beyond digital art, as a gateway to services and community engagement within the Cardano ecosystem.

What do you think we need to grow the Cardano ecosystem? How can we reach mass adoption?

To grow the Cardano ecosystem and achieve mass adoption, AdaLink is strategically focusing on three pivotal areas: Marketing, Education, and Content Creation. Our mission is to accelerate Cardano’s uptake by:

Empowering Creators: We’re developing tools and platforms which enable creators to effectively monetize their work within the Cardano ecosystem. This ensures they can sustain their creative efforts and contribute to the promotion of Cardano.

Fostering Targeted Innovation: Our focus is on supporting the creation of Onboarding Apps and promoting projects with practical applications. The idea is to demonstrate Cardano’s potential to solve real-world challenges and encourage user engagement.

Implementing Data-Driven Strategies: By analysing market research and user data, we aim to craft targeted marketing strategies that resonate deeply with our audience. Our goal is to ensure our efforts are not just visible, but also profoundly impactful.

Incorporating the voice of the community and fostering a culture of open collaboration, AdaLink believes that by concentrating on these domains, we can significantly contribute to the growth and widespread adoption of Cardano.

Great contribution. Any additional comments? Where can people learn more?

Certainly! For those interested in learning more about AdaLink and our initiatives, including the upcoming Frenchies by AdaLink NFT collection, I encourage you to visit our website and follow our social media channels.

Join our mission and be part of our growing community!

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of the people interviewed are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or IOG. Moreover, this content is for educational purposes, it doesn’t constitute financial advice.