Cardano block explorer

I was surfing the Cardano block explorer, and it’s kind of obvious but it just occurred to me that anyone with your address can track the movements of your funds and generally how much :ada: you have. It seems like a privacy issue to me but on the other hand I guess you can generate new addresses for different needs and just be careful giving out your main one.

What do you think?

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You can generate new addresses…no one will know who owns them…even if I publicly share ONE address, no one can now if I am sending ADA to someone else or if the second (or third or fourth) address also belong to me…

This is exactly how bitcoin works. Or any other cryptocurrency that does not position itself as a “privacy coin” :slight_smile:


Good thing I’ve noticed, I’ve asked my kid brother to transfer some :ada: to me so I could get to a round number. I don’t actually want everyone to know how much I have, he’s a blabbermouth :tired_face: .Better transfer everything to a new address.

This is a feature not a bug. When IOHK released their public address, they did so with transparency in mind. All of us can watch this wallet, keep tabs on its usage. This is a philosophical decision which gives us all a view to the governance of the system. Additionally, tracking the richest holders of this or any blockchain is essential to having a full understanding of the incentives at play.

As for individuals, you said it correctly that you can generate a new address, and take care of who you share your address with.


IOHK are also developing some additional features in this space:

  • Human-Friendly Addresses - shorter addresses for easier communication
  • Daedalus Wallet Accounts - ability to create multi-accounts/addresses per wallet

See Roadmap for further details.

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