Cardano Bonds Defi Lending Protocol

I participated in a private sale of the BONDS token last year on My BONDS tokens were locked in a 6-month smart contract, and were supposed to be released to my Cardano wallet over a month ago. I haven’t received them, and can’t get a response from I would appreciate any information that you can provide on this Cardano defi lending protocol. I am concerned that I may have been scammed.

Hey @Gregor444

I never heard of that project before but it seems like they are complettly inactive. I will ask around if someone is aware of them and maybe has a contact to them.


Below one of their last tweets from January, (almost?) all answers are accusations of being a scam:

Seems to be at least partly the same team as Adax Pro, which is also widely accused of being scam or rug pull.

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Thanks for that information. Doesn’t look good.