Cardano Carbon Footprint

The low Carbon Footprint of Cardano was on of the main reasons why i started working with cardano. I know that Proof of Stake is way more efficient but do we have some numbers allready?
Similar to this article Ethereum Energy Consumption Index - where the CO2 Footprint per transaction is taxed to 34.63KG.


A very rough estimation would be 2500 pools, 2 relays and 1 bp mode 33.3W each => 750 kW.


I would also like to see some semi-accurate measurements/calculations to determine the entire networks carbon footprint. Once we can measure the CO2 footprint, we can offset it to become carbon neutral or better yet, carbon negative.

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Great List of initiatives! - Carbon Negative … yes with the Efficiency of the network that sounds feasible.
It’s also one of the reasons why we choose to run our pool AZUL servers at a provider who is 100% on renewable energy.

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