Cardano-cli changes (missing --script-file for signing operation)

Hi guys,

I’m currently using version of cardano-cli 1.26.1 on windows.

I can build and sign minting transaction:
cardano-cli transaction build-raw
–tx-in d8e52a64cd76a737cd0a00d6db07ed3c3ac2baada21f465cf6b2be51ddaad408#0
–tx-out addr_test1qr2vw4x4t8ds023a6p8tgrzt3slylhpeuqt339zq9snmeep9kprpxn9pwcuyk829ueq52zsenslrttwkfvv2t09pq34qzc92dg+2000000+“1 bb6baab15e1e5443b2e1617ada5b1c0e189d620c7248b59166823669.nftadamusa11” \
–tx-out addr_test1qru0eqf56uk0zj09lt6zjldxyn24n25uwvnune5kl8hvdxe9kprpxn9pwcuyk829ueq52zsenslrttwkfvv2t09pq34qu00pcv+2000000+“1 bb6baab15e1e5443b2e1617ada5b1c0e189d620c7248b59166823669.nftadamuso12”
–tx-out addr_test1vpzdu4lkzdc524dn26f0n2788tjac89pzn58mmqnncw00qqf0w70w+46002152 \
–mint=“1 bb6baab15e1e5443b2e1617ada5b1c0e189d620c7248b59166823669.nftadamusa11 + 1 bb6baab15e1e5443b2e1617ada5b1c0e189d620c7248b59166823669.nftadamuso12”
–metadata-json-file metadata-18b9d1d0-78c6-41e3-af7b-d69dda1014b4.json
–minting-script-file policy-18b9d1d0-78c6-41e3-af7b-d69dda1014b4.script
–fee 230049
–invalid-hereafter 25671586
–out-file tx-18b9d1d0-78c6-41e3-af7b-d69dda1014b4.raw

cardano-cli transaction sign
–signing-key-file funding.skey
–signing-key-file policy.skey
–testnet-magic 1097911063
–tx-body-file tx-18b9d1d0-78c6-41e3-af7b-d69dda1014b4.raw
–out-file tx-18b9d1d0-78c6-41e3-af7b-d69dda1014b4.signed

However on many tutorials I saw that transaction sign has --script-file parameter.
Has it been removed?
And we should be using
in the transaction build?

Thanks in advance.


Can you please share the link of the tutorial?

Cardano docs:
Getting Started With Native Tokens — Cardano Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

And I saw article on medium:
Create NFTs on CARDANO #CNFT. 1 Create a NFT payment addr (air-gapped… | by NOOPS | Apr, 2021 | Medium

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this thing changed but the documentations Arent updated… all Cardano oficial docs are 404 now for this

THat is the new place:

In the version cardano-cli version 1.27, has been changed.

You must define –minting-script-file in build_args, and remove it from the signTx args, keep just the policy key and payment key