Unable to mint NFT on cardano-cli 1.27.0 from package cardanocli-js , getting error (Missing: (--minting-script-file FILE))

I am using cardanocli-js (cardanocli-js - npm) library on version cardano-cli 1.27.0
As cardano 1.27 version added new param “–minting-script-file FILE” but how i can pass this param using cardanocli-js library , below is the Javascript code snippet

const mintScript = {
keyHash: cardano.addressKeyHash(wallet.name),
type: “sig”,
const tx = {
txIn: wallet.balance().utxo,
txOut: [
address: wallet.paymentAddr,
amount: { …wallet.balance().amount, [ASSET_ID]: 1 },
mint: [{ action: “mint”, amount: 1, token: ASSET_ID }],
witnessCount: 2,
const raw = buildTransaction(tx);
const signed = signTransaction(wallet, raw, mintScript);
const txHash = cardano.transactionSubmit(signed);

I can pass “–minting-script-file FILE” in command line “transaction build-raw” and it works from terminal only , but i want to do it from node js code via API.
FYI : this code works perfectly on version cardano-cli 1.26.1 but not with cardano-cli 1.27.0.
Please help , Your output will be highly appreciated. Thanks