Invalid option `--script-file' on multisig transaction witness

I’m trying to create a multisignature transaction on Cardano. For that, I’m following the official Cardano-node docs but it seems the official doc itself is outdated.

I have followed every step of the docs but when I tried to sign the witness with allMultiSigScript script file, as described in the section Step 2 - construct required witnesses, I’m getting the following error

Invalid option `--script-file'

Usage: cardano-cli transaction witness --tx-body-file FILE
            --signing-key-file FILE
            [--address STRING]
            [--mainnet | --testnet-magic NATURAL]
            --out-file FILE

It seems cardano-cli transaction witness doesn’t have an option name --script-file anymore. Does anyone have an updated version of how to execute this operation?

I think you have to give it to cardano-cli transaction build (or cardano-cli transaction build-raw if you must) with the --tx-in-script-file option and not to cardano-cli transaction witness anymore.

Also makes more sense, since the script file is not itself a witness, but just defines, which witnesses are needed.

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Try using the following cli commands to build along with a native script that specifies “sig” for multiple public key hashes:

cardano-cli address build --payment-script-file --testnet-magic 1 --out-file multi-sig-address.addr

cardano-cli transaction build
–testnet-magic 1
–witness-override 2
–tx-in $TXIN
–tx-in-script-file <NATIVESCRIPTFILE.SCRIPT>
–tx-out $SENDER+3000000
–change-address $RECEIVE
–out-file multi-sig.tx

cardano-cli transaction witness
–tx-body-file multi-sig.tx
–signing-key-file payment1.skey
–testnet-magic 1
–out-file multi-sig1.witness

cardano-cli transaction witness
–tx-body-file multi-sig.tx
–signing-key-file payment2.skey
–testnet-magic 1
–out-file multi-sig2.witness

cardano-cli transaction assemble
–tx-body-file multi-sig.tx
–witness-file multi-sig1.witness
–witness-file multi-sig2.witness
…could be additional witnesses here…
–out-file tx.signed

cardano-cli transaction submit
–testnet-magic 1
–tx-file tx.signed

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