Multisig witness question

Before the last update i was able to use the command

cardano-cli transaction witness
–tx-body-file spendScriptTxBody
–script-file allMultiSigScript
–testnet-magic 42
–out-file scriptWitness

to create a witness using the multisig script file, now it seems that the command has changed and won’t accept the “–script-file” argument and I can’t find any documentation on how to do it in the new version. any suggestions?

Thanks for pointing this issue out—I hadn’t realized this was affected by the recent update. I suspect that using --minting-script-file in cardano-cli transaction build-raw might work, even though the script might not be associated with minting. (The on-chain representation of the script doesn’t distinguish whether or not it has to do with minting.)

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thank you, I’ll try that