I saw some different contract addresses of Cardano from social media but I don’t know the right one to chose. Can some body send me the right Contract Address of Cardano Token and Coin???

Do you mean for ADA token? CARDANO is the network and ADA is the token


O Yes! I mean ADA Token and COIN.

And what do you mean by “contract address”?

ADA (and native tokens) do not have a “contract” on Cardano network. They are built into the protocol. No smart contracts involved at all.

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Please am new here. Can you guide me on how to own some ADA to hold or stake???
I need a comprehensive steps on how to acquire some ADA Tokens.


you can buy ada on exchanges like binance, kraken, etc then you must choose a cardano wallet to move the ADA from exchange to your wallet … from wallet you have the option to stake

wait 2 min to search for few guides to share with you

how to buy ada, this is for coinbase but basically is same for all exchanges

cardano wallet

be careful with the wallet, when you will create it it will generate a SEED WORDS which you will need to write on a paper and save it well, do not lose it because you will not be able to restore the wallet in case you will change the pc/mobile or you will forget the spending password

And first time when you will send ADA from exchange to the wallet, try with a small amount, do not send all funds if you have doubts

how to stake ADA on yoroi



Thanks slot👍

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you are welcome, :beers: