Cardano Community Scholarship

Ok All,
I was thinking of how the Cardano economy will work with staking and voting and such, and what came to mind was how it will benefit the world when Cardano is fully in place, what also came to mind is how we could be working on being a part of it’s success and also being involved in the offshoots of its roots and how we do not need to wait for it to be fully operating at its full potential to contribute (which so many people do want to do), sooo…
I propose we work together and set up the The Cardano Community Scholarship Fund (TCCSF), ADA is so cheap right now that to donate to a cause that we believe in could cost us less than a day’s work, and as the fund grows and the Cardano Platform grows we could improve the world by funding the education of someone that could benefit the world if they are just givin the tools.
I suggest that we pledge to contribute to the cause (omitting amount of ADA) and we petition the developing partner’s of Cardano to have TCCSF be the first smart contract launched on the Cardano Platform and have that decision be voted on by ADA Stakeholder’s as their first vote as Stakeholder of ADA - a simple Yes or No (unless other’s petition for the spot).

I fully expect this thread to move to discussion I am not equipped to contribute to, and am hoping that other’s versed in charitable philanthropy would chime in, this is just a thought everyone, nothing I have any experience in so any and all help to get this moving would be great.


I think this is a good idea and have expected something like this to become a part of Cardano. Instead of donating though, I see it more as coming out of the general treasury funds. A portion of each epochs staking rewards will go to the general treasury funds for a variety of uses such as this, and it is up the community via proposals and voting to see how the funds are spent. We can use this mechanism to fund a scholarship program and choose who to reward. I’m interested in hearing what others think about this.

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Well that is a good idea too, but I believe that personal philanthropy not only help’s someone that benefits from it but enriches the life of the person that was willing to donate from their own earning’s, so this is what I will push for - personal donations from holders and support from the community, It would be totally ok to run a fund through the treasury, but I do not want to do it through the treasury, so what I am proposing is strictly donations from user’s that are able to donate, this venture would also play into how Cardano Smart Contract’s will play out in the world and how philanthropy will benefit from Cardano, I do support all of the account being held on chain through support of Cardano and maybe that would be closer to something you could support and if implemented could be the route other crowd funding programs could use in the future as everything around Cardano is developed.

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This thread I started only comes from an idea, I am not going to be final say for any direction that is taken - just to be clear - My position could be irrelevant when everyone decides which route to take with our idea’s.

What’s the status on this?