Cardano Croatia 10th meetup in the middle of the corona crisis - Recap

Hi Cardano fans!

Just wanted to give a brief update on our yesterday’s 10th Cardano Croatia meetup. So far we always have had a live meetup and we will continue to do so because here we believe that the whole point of having a meetup is to actually meet with people and talk about Cardano project development, but also about the whole crypto industry.
It is not easy to do so in this difficult time because some of our members and fans are from surrounding countries and it may be a problem to travel across the border. But anyway, 5 stars of Cardano showed up yesterday and it was another very successfull and constructive meet.
There are startups and projects literally waiting for Cardano to start deploying Gougen features (me included). It is always good to present some ideas to local community first and it is pleasing to get some positive feedback.
I also noted that we need more detailed explanation how will the creation of new assets on Cardano work, as well as how multi assets fees will be distributed to stakeholders, as this is a major feature that is about to roll up and we know so little about the details.

All I can say is - the future is bright for Cardano. Keep dedicating your time to Cardano as much as you can and thank you all, see you at our next live meetup, nothing’s gonna stop us!

Your Croatian Cardano Ambassador


Thanks for the recap Marin!

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