Cardano real meetup held in Zagreb

Let me share a brief recap of our last live meetup in Zagreb, Croatia. When I say Live, I mean real face to face meetup, not an on-line event. Hope this didn’t confuse some of you :wink:

Last few months our Croatian Cardano community has grown tremendously. Last year I started a local Cardano Hrvatska FB group, which up to date counts over 1.000 members (we don’t allow fake profiles), and it reflected on our meetup as well. With 20 participants, this was our largest meetup so far, and there would have been a lot more people here if there weren’t any Corona restrictions.
Besides quantity, I am very proud at Croatian community because we’re bringing huge impact on Cardano development from the very beginning up to present. Several very important members met at our meetup for the first time - Darko Mijic (Lead developer of Daedalus), Vedran Vukman (Revuto), Nikola Skoric (Electrocoin), Goran Tezak (Blockademia).
I am certain that our local communities will bring even more utility and great products on Cardano, once the Gougen phase is implemented completely.

Looking forward for our next meetup, where I expect some Cardano ladies as well. We have them, but we’re hiding our gems :slight_smile: Thank’s to all the community for their support, we’re going for No. 1!

Your Croatian Cardano Ambassador,
Marin Kramaric