Recap - Live Cardano Croatia Meetup - the road to Shelley explained

Dear Cardano community,

Let me share the notes from our last week Live Cardano Croatia meetup from Zagreb, 25.06.2020.
Our main topic was The road to Shelley explained.
Let me add at the begining that several attendees had to cancel their arrival due to trafic/border limitations caused by Covid-19 situation.

After brief introduction and getting to know our first time members, we went trough all the dates on the Shelley deployment list and explained what each date means.
The community is very interested in dates when they will be able to stake on the mainnet, is there going to be another snapshot to do so. Seems some people expected another snapshot for staking at mainnet. I had to do additional explaining that after Shelley mainnet is launched, everyone can add ADA to their wallet and stake when ever they want.

It was also interesting to discuss the ITN situation and how to handle it. At the time there was no info about how to vote, unfortunately…

Although 6 people may seem a small number, I am satisfied that in a small country like Croatia, in the middle of the Corona crisis, we still have very loyal community members ready to attend meetups and socialize. After Shelley I expect even bigger growth of Croatian community.

There was also suggestion to start a local Facebook Cardano Croatia group, so we can discuss that option. If anyone has experience with starting a Facebook community group, please share your thoughts with me.

That is all for now, I hope in September there will be possible to host another Live meetup in Zagreb.
Thanks for reading, stay well in these challenging times!
Marin Kramaric


Hey @Marin

I really love such “small” local meetups and im thinking about hosting one aswell here in :switzerland: Switzerland!

You can share and explain your information way better face to face. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile: