Cardano crossword number 2 posted. Good luck!

puzzle-two-post-Friday.pdf (186.5 KB)

Prize wallet: DdzFFzCqrhsjzUc8kxGXJtde8jrMF2W7W14rvh9p43EuxhgkN5vRCitc3YTFH2ZsiftNpwqpf99xcYqWJEkC5oasupc45Fjjk6CnKae9

  1. Numbers at the prize wallet address may or may not be a clue.
  2. This puzzle has fewer words so it may possibly be easier for anyone to complete.
  3. Friday - the actual puzzle will be posted at 1800 GMT.
  4. Sunday - a key or final clue will be posted to unlock the puzzle at 1800 GMT.
  5. Donations toward the prize can be sent to the above wallet address if anyone would like to up the stakes.
  6. I need to drop one more clue… this is NOT a Yoroi wallet. I realized that if some one tries to restore a Yoroi wallet over their real wallet, they can only do one instance at a time, so if some one makes a mistake they will need to restore their original wallet.

Cipher = 11A 10A 13D 14A 8D 9D 2A 3D 6D 1D 2D 12D

Good luck!

P.S. Feel free to discuss the puzzle if you wish.


The old puzzle still attracts users, I would suggest longer time periods between puzzles.


I say keep pumping them out. This is good traffic for the community


yes please :slight_smile:

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Ok :+1: sounds good.

I can leave the old puzzles up and not post solutions for a week or so, would that work OK so people can still play it out?

And at the same time post a new one each week? (Time and funds permitting)

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once a week? that would be very cool, might have to ask a whale to get involved in funding a weekly puzzle, I do hope you have time for it, I really thought it was a genius puzzle :wink:


They are easy to make and now that we have some ideas going, I can think of about 5 different variations in how to create puzzles like this.

But yes, I will need to figure out a way to raise funds. I think the greater participation we get, the more likely I may be able to get donors.


When I grow up I want to be a whale so I can provide unlimited funds for Rick’s puzzles. :whale:


Again, this is NOT a Yoroi wallet.

can you share the link for the 1st puzzle please? I want to see the solution.

I see it now. duh.

It over here, then scroll down :+1:

cipher is 11A 10A 13D 14A 8D 9D 2A 3D 6D 1D 2D 12D

Whoever wins, if you don’t mind, can you say which clues helped and what the distractors were? Not necessary though, feel free to remain anonymous.

Too late. Nooo. hayamoto_jr?

  1. Figured from the first clue that 7A code auditor FP … was the word complete, which isn’t a BIP39 word, so I was on the lookout for other non-BIP39 words.
  2. Solved the puzzle considering this.
  3. I then saw that the clues were supposed to be the numbers 5, 4 and 7 among the transaction amounts, meaning that 5D, 4A, 7A are non-BIP39 words. This leaves 12 BIP39 words, which make up a Daedalus passphrase. I considered that 84 could mean something, but I figured it’s nothing.
  4. When entering words in the order specified in the cipher, I got Invalid passphrase. I thought precursor to childbirth was water, which matched well, so I didn’t look further. Turns out it was labor.



2. staff
4. easier (not bip39)
7. complete (not bip39)
10. desert
11. library
14. together


1. labor
2. spring
3. slim
5. anybody (not bip39)
6. chat
8. pill
9. engage
12. item
13. zoo

Cipher: 11A 10A 13D 14A 8D 9D 2A 3D 6D 1D 2D 12D

Passphrase: library desert zoo together pill engage staff slim chat labor spring item

Btw @rickymac, you’re posting these too early, cipher was posted at 1700 GMT.


Congratulations @hayamoto_jr, did you hear my breath in your neck? :smiley:


Oh yes! When I saw Invalid passphrase, I thought I’ve lost for sure. :sweat_smile:

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I had heavy for 1D and spell for 2A at first. (matched good with 4D easily)

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Yay! Congratulation @hayamoto_jr great job and thank you for posting your work!

If I am doing GMT time wrong, please let me know, here is what my clock says:

I certainly thought I am posting at GMT correctly. Are you in the United States on daylight savings time?