Some Crypto Cryptic Crossword Competition Suggestions Please

Hell All,

I am offering to produce a Cryptic Crossword Competition occasionally for the Cardano community. My plan was to chuck in 100 ADA into an appropriately named wallet and have the 12 word recovery phrase be the words that need to be solved in order to access the funds. Does that make sense? Kind of like what I have seen others do (subhuman etc.) but not so mathsy and more focussed on word play.

I know, only 100 ADA, but I am but a poor English teacher in real life…

Originally I thought I would put the clues up here on the forum. Ultimately however I thought it would be great if participants would pay a small fee into the wallet, say 1ADA, to have access to the clues. That way the prize pool could be larger and I may be able to afford to continue to create them!

Is this the sort of thing that is possible to create in Cardano? I am not a programmer and have limited knowledge of the best way of going about this. Would there be a better way of doing what I plan? Would someone even be able to recover a wallet with the 12 words passphrase that I create in Daedalus?

Any help or ideas gladly received.



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I like your idea. I think it’s definitely possible once Goguen is implemented. I’ve played with wallet seed word puzzles myself and anyone with the 12 (Daedalus) or 15 (Yoroi) words passphrase can access the same wallet. 100 ADA is a decent prize for finishing a crossword. Most people solving subhuman’s puzzles are in it for the serious fun. The prize 1k or 100 is just the icing. I’ve done 10 ADA prizes just for the fun of it and there’s a simple one (not subhuman’s) hiding in the forums

Some thoughts

You can publish the crossword somewhere and publish the hints as deposits are made to the wallet. This requires someone monitoring the wallet which can be tiring (can be made convenient when smart contracts are out). I can’t think of anything currently to make the participants unable to share hints with one another if you plan to do it publicly online unless you also want to verify the source address of each ADA for the hint provided only for the person who sent that hint fee.

Thanks xrsee. I figured that some kind of contract could be constructed to facilitate my idea - hopefully someone might help out upon the release of Goguen.

For now I’ll post the clues on the forum, well, when I have finished constructing them at least.



Check out the marlowe and plutus udemy courses, maybe you can even make it yourself. I know there’s a way to show, at the very least, a custom text prompt using plutus but marlowe doesn’t have yet code-blocks for custom texts.