Cryptic Crypto Conundrum Caper #3

Hi Everyone,

Due to demand from at least one person, the latest challenge for a dusty 100 ADA has arrived - The Cryptic Crypto Conundrum Caper #3!

These words are for a Daedalus wallet and so there are only twelve of them.

There is no spending password. These clues are in the order they need to be to recover the wallet.

Have a go Alfred, it’s a test (5)
Starving near Slovakia (6)
Go fly one and Greek Tango (4)
Clutter in Jacksonville University, North Korea (4)
Reverse the United Nations Declaration Of… (4)
Watch out for the centre forming nouns (7)
Charlie and Romeo lead disgust in rowing (4)
An area from bits of ignorance (5)
Earl and his TV mean to go somewhere (6)
Charlie thunders to pieces (7)
A young one lives in retold dreams (7)
Aunt’s man is a bit unclean (5)

I can post some tips if people are finding it too hard. Please post the solution after you have collected the ADA.

Good luck,


Oh, and the address is


if you would like to check the balance.


For anyone who wants to pick this up, this is where I landed:

  1. trial (have a go = try + Al = trial and it’s a test)
  2. hungry (Hungary is near Slovakia + starving)
  3. kite (this is a guess, i have no idea what Greek Tango is supposed to mean… in other parts of the puzzle the phonetic alphabet is used as hints, but what Greek T is supposed to mean (tau?) I have no idea, this one is lost on me).
  4. junk (first letter of each word + clutter)
  5. left (united nations declaration of human rights, reversed)
  6. ? (this one just went completely over my head. i have no idea what this is a reference to).
  7. crew (charlie - C + romeo - R + disgust - EW and rowing)
  8. range (a bit of a guess, took letters from ignorance)
  9. travel (rearranged Earl and TV to get travel)
  10. crumble (charlie - C + thunders - rumble and pieces)
  11. toddler (rearranged some of the letters of “retold dreams”)
  12. uncle (aunt’s man and a part of unclean)

Good work. Almost there…

Final list for me (this is not correct, something is wrong, but I feel it’s probably pretty close).

  1. trial
  2. hungry
  3. kite (or flag? i am least confident in this, but i will not be certain until i grasp the meaning of greek tango)
  4. junk
  5. left
  6. protect (i think center forming nouns is a reference to pronouns).
  7. crew
  8. inner (ocean or range might work here, i don’t feel that either of these aligns with the word ignorance although they can be formed from parts of it, i liked “green” here as it is a term used for someone who is new to something, but it’s not an area).If the five letter word actually comes out of ignorance it can only be one of these: again, agree, anger, arena, canoe, cargo, cigar, crane, eager, error, genre, grace, grain, green, inner, ocean, onion, organ, range,
  9. travel
  10. crumble
  11. toddler
  12. uncle

Doing well Joel,
I apologise for making a mistake. I need someone to proof my work.
Number eight is 6 letters long not 5.
So, you just need to to get 5,6, and 8.
The Greek word for and is kai + T from tango makes kite by the way.
Sorry about that.


Awesome, I see I made some mistakes too :). I was able to unlock the wallet. Are these puzzles you are making a common approach with crossword puzzles? It’s an interesting technique you use (with two meanings). Where did you learn to do this? Thanks again, was a lot of fun. More people should get involved!

trial, hungry, kite, junk, undo, caution, crew, region, travel, crumble, toddler, uncle.

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Also, can I ask what the “centre forming nouns” is a reference to?

The core (cau) is the centre and the suffix “-tion” forms a noun - Watchout = caution.
Well done Joel. I better get started on another one!
Sorry again about that misleading number of letters.

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The type of clues are known as cryptic clues. They contain a literal clue just like a normal crossword, and also a cryptic clue which confirms the answer when you get it. Often times though it distracts your brain and makes it harder. Working out which bit is the literal clue can sometimes be difficult. There are lots of tricks and styles of cryptic clues. The Times newspaper is famous for their cryptic crossword. Google cryptic crosswords and you’ll be inundated.
I like the challenge of having to come up with clues for a set list of words.
I’m stoked you like solving them so much.
Yes, others should get involved, or it is just me giving you ADA!
#4 will be a paper wallet - 27 words.
Stay tuned…

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