Cryptic Crypto Conundrum Caper #4

Ok all you word weirdos and perverted puzzle people, it has been a while coming, but it’s time for the Cryptic Crypto Conundrum Caper #4!

Find below 24 clues that, when solved, will give 24 words that, you guessed it, unlock a wallet loaded with a lazy 100 ADA. Not enough to raise your stake by much but hey, one day it will be worth a fortune right?

Cryptic clues work like this: they contain a literal meaning, just like a normal crossword clue, but also another cryptic clue which is a play on words. Once you solve it you can be pretty certain you’ve got it right because you have two similar meanings or words. The clues’ construction however makes them tricky. Their nonliterality, if there is such a word, can distract your mind and make them fiendishly difficult. Search online for some techniques to solve them.

Anyway, here goes…

  1. Make professional juice. (7)
  2. Arm US federal soldiers. (4)
  3. Utilise many uniforms. (3)
  4. Delicate, French and nimble. (7)
  5. Way inside the lilac cesspit. (6)
  6. Reverse xenon to alter a trade. (8)
  7. A grin is a mixed-up slime. (5)
  8. Arouse the former vision. (5)
  9. The first high mountain laugh. (5)
  10. Dam delta is strange. (5)
  11. Papa, amend the oar. (6)
  12. Bravo, the final explosion! (5)
  13. Tea set stirred a landholding. (6)
  14. Testament found in snow illegally. (4)
  15. A scrambled timer has good. (5)
  16. In a sly mob there is a sign. (6)
  17. Aware, ‘ale and arty. (5)
  18. Serve on the seventh note Raymond. (4)
  19. Honest-to-goodness Gene, uni is mixed up. (7)
  20. A pearly white is also Thorium. (5)
  21. Apis and my primitive mind make an offer. (3)
  22. Embrace energy to get massive. (4)
  23. Exhaled edge. (4)
  24. My mother sewed them, it’s in my blood. (5)

Search through old posts to find #1, #2 and #3. They might help you get the vibe of the clues. Apparently they can succumb to brute force… boring!

I can post some tips if people are finding it too hard. Also, if no one is smashing it, I can transform the clues into a crossword format and post a link. I’ll give you all a week or so first…

Once you crack it, the spending password is charleshoskinson.

To check the balance go to:


In the interest of hopefully giving others that “Aha!” feeling, please post the solution after you have collected the ADA.

When Goguen launches I’m gonna knock my brains out trying to make an automated Cryptic Crypto Conundrum Caper Competition, hopefully with higher stakes.

Good luck and cheers,


I found these cryptics as a teenager growing up the USA and always liked reading the solutions: which I would get on my own about one time in ten. :shushing_face: Then I moved to Ireland where they’re ubiquitous and I have felt overwhelmed by them ever since. :woozy_face:

Coincidentally I just read about the first challenge yesterday when following up another one of your postings. I wanted to applaud the idea of these puzzles but didn’t want to bump the old thread. I was even thinking this is going to be n-squared harder with Shelley wallets and here it is that way. :face_with_head_bandage:

So I probably have no hope of taking the prize but maybe I can help define the target audience. My vocabulary and structural memory for words make me really good at conventional crossword puzzles but I would need help & hints in general on cryptics, and can say first-timers might appreciate a linked tutorial with some major classifications of clues & solution strategies :heart_eyes:

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Hi Robert,
Yes it was your like of #1 that prompted me to set another puzzle.
When I have a bit more time I will indeed make up a tips list and tutorial.
We’ll see if there are any Cryptic diehards out there that can crack it.


Hi Again Everyone,

Check out this update to the CCCC#4 - A crossword format that may give you a bit more of an idea.

N.B. the order of the clues produced by the crossword maker isn’t the order of seed words. See the above clues that are in the correct order.

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 7.09.40 pm

Good luck and cheers,

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doing my best to work away at this (and doing better than all those years ago)… just checking since your graphical puzzle has 6 letter cells for the clue of 2 Down, rather than (5). I assume the wallet word must really have 6 letters, otherwise the crossword maker would not have generated the puzzle like so. But please correct me if I’m wrong & the answer really does have 5 letters. :sunglasses:

thanks @Elurevad … both for the puzzle and for being true to your promise, since I needed the crossword format, barely getting all of these even with the interstitial letters & wouldn’t have been able to without them… perhaps only getting 4 or 5 of them outright, much like I remember from the auld days :heart_eyes:

  1. (8 across) Make professional juice. (7) produce
  2. (9 across) Arm US federal soldiers. (4) army
  3. (14 down) Utilise many uniforms. (3) use
  4. (12 across) Delicate, French and nimble. (7) fragile
  5. (4 across) Way inside the lilac cesspit. (6) access
  6. (5 down) Reverse xenon to alter a trade. (8) exchange
  7. (20 across) A grin is a mixed-up slime. (5) smile
  8. (2 down) Arouse the former vision. (5… REALLY 6) excite
  9. (3 down) The first high mountain laugh. (5) alpha
  10. (22 across) Dam delta is strange. (5) weird
  11. (7 down) Papa, amend the oar. (6) paddle
  12. (1 down) Bravo, the final explosion! (5) blast
  13. (15 across) Tea set stirred a landholding. (6) estate
  14. (6 across) Testament found in snow illegally. (4) will
  15. (10 down) A scrambled timer has good. (5) merit
  16. (16 down) In a sly mob there is a sign. (6) symbol
  17. (17 down) Aware, ‘ale and arty. (5) alert
  18. (11 across) Serve on the seventh note Raymond. (4) tray
  19. (13 across) Honest-to-goodness Gene, uni is mixed up. (7) genuine
  20. (18 across) A pearly white is also Thorium. (5) tooth
  21. (1 across) Apis and my primitive mind make an offer. (3) bid
  22. (19 down) Embrace energy to get massive. (4) huge
  23. (20 down) Exhaled edge. (4) side
  24. (21 across) My mother sewed them, it’s in my blood. (5) jeans

Well done Robert!

Despite my extremely unprofessional crossword setting gaff of giving you the wrong number of letters, you have nailed it.

It is an interesting feeling to check the balance of a wallet, see that it is zero, and be happy about it!

I’ll create another puzzle at some point.

Enjoy your ada.


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And also, thanks for introducing me to the word interstitial. I’d never heard of it before.

I love a good word…

Cheers again,


In Hell, ask, and you shall receive smart contracts. (7)

Nice one Rob! Once you get the bug it’s hard to shake!

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Hello Again Rob,

I have been thinking about it, and perhaps the clue could be refined a little:

Ask in hell for the language of hades’ son. (7)

Plutus is one of Hades’ children in Greek mythology. The language that Plutus is written in is Haskell, which is “ask in hell”.

I like the way there is a link between hell and Hades - it makes the clue a little more coherent.

.Keep them coming!


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