Cardano crossword number 3 (prize is 100 Ada)

Cardano-crossword-three.pdf (220.2 KB)

Cipher - 18A 1D 4A 21A 17D 14A 17A 11D 15D 9D 8A 3D 19A 16D 22D 25A 12D 23D 6D 11A 2D 16A 13A 7A 10A 20A 5D

Sorry I am late getting the puzzle up, it was a very busy week. The second piece of the puzzle - the cipher- will be posted on Sunday, October 21, at 1800 GMT.

The prize money with a clue is posted here:

Good luck!


Great work Rick!!


Many thanks to whoever donated to the prize too! :pray::smile:

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I solved crossword, what can i do now?

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I fixed it. What I have to do now? Please help me.


You are kidding with people Ricky… It’s not funny.

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Patience amigo… the winner will post how it was solved.

I know the solutions amigo… I am not curious about them. I just want to send my answers to post owner.

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if you knew the answer, the money wouldnt be in the wallet :lying_face:
nice try.

:smiley: you are just an idiot. pig13 :slight_smile: 1+4+5+3=13

Thanks… I can start solving from here now.

There is yet another part of the puzzle to come. Refer to Rick’s original post … The cipher will be published Sunday …
So it’s a fun race from then to decode and or solve.
Good luck

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once the cipher is posted, its fastest fingers first… i know you are ready with your results :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not kidding my friend. This is the third puzzle. I will link you the last 2 puzzles so you can see how they were solved. This will be similar but with a twist.

Hint: The puzzle could be a pass phrase to a wallet of sorts. Look around for some clues.

Here is a link to a previous puzzle where donors brought the prize up to 600 Ada A puzzle with a prize (update, the reward is now 600 Ada)

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Yes and the additional challenge is to get the puzzle right the first time. A few people have posted me their answers but with 1 word wrong or a spelling error. But the first one was solved about 1 hour and 15 minutes maybe? After the cipher was posted, and the second one much faster.

You don’t need to send me the answers. If you completely solve the puzzle, the puzzle will grade its self, and you will be the winner if you follow through to completing everything first.

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I put all recovery words in the paper wallet restore field (down 11, 16, 17 at the end and without word 24.) and now he is restoring this wallet. lul -->

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did you just guess someone else’s wallet address? :neutral_face: cos i did too, abet using a different method.

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WOW :open_mouth: interesting, I think you randomly created a new wallet?!? At least that is what it looks like anyway. I wonder what are the chances of that happening.

If you had the right sequence then it would show the balance from the prize wallet.

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I can not answer direct messages about the puzzle, otherwise I am helping you solve the puzzle. If you have questions please post them in the open here so other people can answer and participate.

Also, I do not grade the puzzles to tell you if the answers are correct. The correct answers will be graded by either the Yoroi, Daedalus or Infinito wallets.