Cardano development

Hi all,

Just to understand better Cardano precisely its current developments and projects, I try to summarise some unclear points below, please correct me if I’m wrong :

Byron first implementation was in Rust and the new version is in Haskell, that’s what is about the ’ byron reboot’ which happened April, 1st

  • Cardano-cli

What about the compatibility between the cardano-cli (developped in rust) and Daedalus wallet flight ?

  • Cardano-wallet

Cardano wallet is the ‘raw’ or ‘low level’ wallet while Daedalus is a GUI front-end for a better usability ( but it still use cardano-wallet component).

To test Daedalus Flight, do we need to re-download the whole blockchain (because it’s parsed differently ? ) or can we attached Daedalus flight to an existing blockchain copy ?

Is cardano-wallet compatible with Shelley ?

  • Cardano node

if I understand correctly, Cardano-node is for Byron and it’s developed in Haskell while jormungandr is for Shelley (developed in Rust) and it supports Proof of Stack ( through Ouroboros consensus protocol).

Does that means there will be a new version of Jormungandr in Haskell ?

  • Adrestia

it looks like the ‘connector toolkit’ to interact with centralized third parties like exchanges , wallet integration, payment processor etc… ?

Many thanks in advance for your help !

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Unfortunately yes.


Awesome questions! :smiley: I’ll follow the thread to read the answers!

I’ll add one. Why was Rust replaced to Haskell? What’s Haskell advantages?