Cardano Dinner In Taiwan - Aug. 25th

Cardano Media Taiwan brings the Cardano community an exclusive dinner, where you can freely exchange anything about Cardano, from beginners to super masters, all are welcome to participate in this event, which is now an independent space, where you can freely walk around and chat, and you are welcome to bring your laptop, and freemint POAP will be provided on-site. We will provide freemint POAP and directly guide the whole minting process! (Consumers can enter 1 hour before the event starts)

Cardano Media Taiwan (CMT) is dedicated to promoting the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. The goal is to actively seek out developers who are active in the Cardano chain, introduce their products, and provide the “Chinese community” with the latest official Cardano information and major updates.

So far this year, we have organized 4 offline gatherings for the Chinese community to learn more about the Cardano ecosystem. This dinner party is mainly for Cardano members from all over Taiwan to get in touch with each other, there will not be any program talks or discussions, no matter if you are a beginner or a super expert, you are welcome to participate, if you are a member of the Cardano community, don’t miss it!

The live session will start at 18:30 and officially begin at 19:00!


Also sharing the tutorial video to register as a Voter of Project Catalyst in Mandarin:

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