Cardano Ecosystem Mind Map - Interactive


As many know @Tuan_Lam mapped out the Cardano ecosystem in a pdf mind map not long ago.

I’m happy to announce that it’s gone through a number of upgrades. I immediately latched on to the initiative and found a way to help out to give us the new interactive Cardano Ecosystem Mind Map. With guidance of @Tuan_Lam @werkof and @RobJF it’s up on the Cardano wiki.

This is unofficial and it would be great if someone from IOHK or Emurgo could offer corrections on the map where relationships or details may be incorrect. Hopefully this can be a valuable reference tool to better understand Cardano and share it with others.

This map is a work in progress so if you want to submit suggestions, edits, errors, or broken links, for now just post them here unless someone has a better idea where we should take feedback.

It’s embed-able so if anyone else has a fan site here is the code. (I’ve omitted the first < before iframe so the code is visible)


Great work @rjmcoin and @Tuan_Lam


This is a fantastic and much needed project thank you all!


Very nice, good work to everyone involved.


Thank you for your contribution to the project :slight_smile:


All credits should go to @rjmcoin, because he has put a lot of efforts in upgrading Cardano mind map. I have just ignited a spark :wink:


@rjmcoin :clap:

i’ve been working on this but a simplified video version…

does mindomo allow for other contributors/editors to the file?


Great Work! Very useful, awesome way of presenting each aspect of the project! Will help share this among the other social channels!


Impressive / this requires some serious review!