Cardano mindmap


Happy New Year to everyone.

The good things about the holiday season is that I have more spare time to learn more about Cardano project. I have created a mindmap for Cardano to help myself and I hope that it is also useful for you as well, because I get lost with all these fancy mythology names: Ouroboros, Plutus, Hydra :grin:

The attached mindmap is work in progress. Please help me and Cardano community to make it complete.

Tuan Lam


bạn có file pdf ko


This is coolmap. more detail map would be great. Thanx


Nice overview. I was looking to make something similar. Found a lot of info on the wiki page:


Cardano.pdf (431.7 KB)

Here you go


Sure, please advise which parts you want to see more details, then I will try to incorporate them.


The material was so good that I posted to a community in Korea that I manage.
Source said. If you disagree, I will delete the post.


Of course no problem. Feel free to share. Let’s promote and make Cardano great :wink:


Awesome Job thanks! There are a lot of people looking for this type of info.


Perfect I really like methodology and history behind the project. I’ll be spending time on this later and will follow up with feedback


Tuan_Lam that map is amazing. Can you add Ouroboros Praos and Genesis too? Such nice work.


You might like to consider putting this up on Cardano Wiki, or I can do it for you.


Hi RobJF,
Sounds good idea. Can you please put this in the right Wiki folder/location? Let me know which folder/location it will be, then I can keep it up to date.


I think it will fit well under the Technical Documents / Specifications category. Although those are mostly official developer docs, this mind map you laid out is like an overview for that category.


It’s on its own page for the moment. Remember, anyone can edit the wiki! :grin:

Edit: there’s a link on the Home page under Technical now.


Ok noted. Thanks.


Amazing work. :slight_smile:


Its like a guide to put together a Lego of blockchain. Visualization really help new people understand what’s really going on.

You should also post it in the new year art form.


These visuals really help conceptionally. It’s easy to get locked into your favorite aspect, and not see the big picture.

More or this would be very helpful in generating interest across the masses.

Great work :clap::clap::clap:


Great work!
Wouldn’t it make sense to include the community parts as well (Ambassador program, official Telegram channels, maybe language specific unofficial TG groups etc)?