Cardano mindmap


What would be cool would be to embed it with web links so you could click on a particular element and have it take you to the applicable white paper or website for more info.


I put this map on The Cardano Effect podcast with Daniel Friedman and it will be airing Monday morning at 08:45 GMT

… with a big shout out to @Tuan_Lam :+1::+1::+1:


Its perfect


Thanks Rick. Here is a new version. Ouroboros Praos and Ouroboros Genesis have been added. I didn’t manage to update it on Cardano Wiki and have requested Rob to help me out.

Question: I miss some correlations between the White Papers and Cardano SL implementation. The next link describes the differences, but I can’t see which parts of Praos or Genesis have already been implemented or will be implemented and when? Can you or someone else help me here?


@ All: many thanks for your positive feedback. It gives me energy :+1:


Excellent work. Is it possible to build this on a service that allows it to be interactive with the links? You put a lot of work into this and it’s awesome, but I wonder if there is a way to maybe tidy it up a bit? I don’t mean to criticize but maybe there are higher resolution images that can be used. I don’t have the skills or I would offer them in a heartbeat but I wonder if something could be done visually to more approach the “symphony” visual caliber? I’m going to see what I can find for mindmap examples.


Ok well I just wanted to contribute what I can so I quickly remade this in a online service.

It’s completely open to anybody that wants to edit it.


visualization is a great way see the bigger picture. Development of this project already seems more advance than most developed countries governance systems in place.
It’s seems like a perfect mix of
democracy dictatorship capitalism socialism all put together for the greater good of humanity
Living , breathing and programmable world Constitution


This map has active links and anybody can edit. Looks like you have to make a free account. This was intended to compliment the hard work by Tuan_Lam.


Thank you!


Updated with community section and most github or other related links. This program has layout adjustment limitations but it otherwise works well.


Good job :+1:. Good to see a spin off of this so everyone can get involved.


Thanks Tuan for sharing


Great work! And good idea to update it on the central wiki page:


This is amazing! Great work


Thank you for creating and sharing this information. It`s amazing ! it provides a very wide view of how broad this project is.
I would like to translate it into Spanish (Spanish requires more characters than English, so available space is a point to take into consideration).
One Question, was the following URL also created by you?



@rjmcoin has converted and improved it.