Cardano ecosystem updates - from Cardano360

1 . Announcement of ADA Yield Fund - the fund about driving liquidity and supporting growth of DeFi on Cardano (created by Wave Financial)

2 . Ben Goertzel from SingularityNEt provided an update on AGIX/ADA token converter

3 . Ecosystem updates: 4 million tokens minted, 886 projects building on Cardano

Morgan Schofield (new Head of ecosystem growth) introduced Essential Cardano. Open beta will be in April

4 . The latest progress on Hydra (scaling solution) from Sebastien Nagel

Hydra is not part of the next hardfork.

5 . CEO of Terra Virtua Jawad Ashraf speaks about NFTs and the metaverse on Cardano. “Our vision and mission was to create a whole metaverse ecosystem”. A new mobile version of application will be released in 2 weeks. “The future of NFT is utility”.

6 . Development update and June’s Vasil HF preview with John Woods, Kevin Hammond and Nigel Hemsley

June: Vasil hardfork (Plutus version 2.0, Enhancements to crypto primitives (VRF, KES), Script collateral handling)

October: Chang hardfork (Governance, Smart contract evolution, Performance)

7 . Building on Cardano:

Connecting with the community projects with Matthew Capps:

  • Wingriders - decentralized exchange on Cardano
  • JPGstore - (platform where it will be possible to discover artwork, explore communities and support artists on Cardano)
  • Iagon - decentralized cloud computing marketplace
  • Typhon wallet 8 . A quick hello from Nico Arqueros, co-founder of Milkomeda

This blog post is done on the basis of this video