Cardano Effect Ep 15. 한국어 번역 및 요약 (커뮤니티 번역)


지난 1월 21일 게시된 Cardano Effect 에피소드 15, Sidechains and Interoperability with Dionysis Zindros의 한국어 요약과 번역이 커뮤니티 멤버 Jun 님의 블로그에 게시되었습니다.

아래 링크에서 자세한 내용을 확인해보세요!


도메인 변경으로 링크가 깨졌습니다… 죄송합니다.

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Hi Jun,

Do you mind if we include this translation link underneath the description of Episode 15? You did an amazing job. :grin:



Not at all!

I am always enjoying your podcasts.

I’ll let you know when I translate other episodes :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Hi @philpa thank you for sharing @junada’s work! Since @junada has changed the link to the original post, I also updated this article with the new link :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thanks for your support. Just inserted the link.



감사합니다 :slight_smile:


Just checked it. Thank you :slight_smile: