Cardano Explorer - No addresses found and port 8100

I’ve been trying to get the Cardano Explorer working with Ubuntu 16.04, but I’m having issues.

I managed to get it so that you can go to (server IP):3100 and you will get the same interface you see here:

However, it will say “last slots” and “transactions feed” but there will be nothing listed. It will not find any addresses when you search, including ones you know exist.

If I try a curl request like this one:

curl -v “http://localhost:3100/api/addresses/summary/DdzFFzCqrhsfkegDcdUJAGBRoUP2LVakkby6ntdckcURzBsKmNJ7HmQ6LBwLZxTRVBvhZzuFuX9KUpraDcqhJavm35yeXgS2keJPHfKB

I get this error message in the output of the window that’s running explorer:

[HPM] Error occurred while trying to proxy request /api/addresses/summary/DdzFFzCqrhsfkegD
cdUJAGBRoUP2LVakkby6ntdckcURzBsKmNJ7HmQ6LBwLZxTRVBvhZzuFuX9KUpraDcqhJavm35yeXgS2keJPHfKB from localhost:3100 to http://localhost:8100 (ECONNREFUSED) (

I don’t have anything running on port 8100, so my guess is that it’s redirecting the request to a port that’s not in use and then it fails. I’m not sure how to fix this or how it’s supposed to work. Any ideas?

Is it compatible with Ubuntu now or did you have to modify your setup somehow?

Cardano SL I built from source with these instructions:

Explorer I haven’t gotten working, so I guess I’m not sure if it’s fully compatible yet.

I figured this out if anyone else ends up having a similar issue. The cardano-explorer process uses port 8100 and it’s separate from the normal SL process.

I needed to get the cardano-explorer command working and re-download a second copy of the blockchain. I’m not sure if there’s a way to point it to the same blockchain, but that’s not the default behavior at least.

To get the backend working properly, use step 4 “Explorer Node with Mainnet” from:

I will probably suggest a documentation change as the instructions just list “Connect to cluster”. Maybe this is intuitive for people with greater familiarity with the Cardano backend architecture.