Can't connect to Cardano API with Daedalus 0.12

After updating to Daedalus 0.12 I can no longer connect using curl to Cardano’s api.
I’m trying curl -k
but i’m getting a “connection refused”.

Can anyone help?

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Is there anyone in this forum from the Daedalus team?
Maybe they can shed some light on this issue.

Please help guys. I’m getting no answer from the Daedalus team and I’m really out of options here.


Sorry you’ve not gotten help here, I’d suggest trying

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Hi There,
Typically, you’d want to run an independent node for API interactions.
Starting release 1.4, the default wallet listen port was changed to dynamic (see below example on a Windows box).


Example output from curl :

Also, note the API breaking changes introduced in cardano 1.4:


Please give this man a beer!!
Thanks for the answer. I tried looking for this everywhere and couldn’t find anything about dynamic ports.

You made my day. Thanks again!