Another infinity CONNECTING TO NETWORK... post

I literally should give up on this Daedalus wallet and wait for the market to take my investments!
I’m quite a technical guy and really have no idea with what I’m dealing with a couple of days now. I try everything that I can find on Google with no success.

Such project with such smart people could do some site with online storage of our :ada: like MyEtherWallet is!

I’m not a coder so, if anyone can take a look @ these screenshots if he’ll spot some obvious glinch in there?

I have experienced something like what you are.
Try to backup daedalus folder (rename it), uninstall and then install it again.
After the installation, take two folders: secrets and wallet0 and replace at the new installed daedalus. (Delete the folders from installation to avoid mixing files).
Then fire daedalus again. It worked for me

But the thing is I didn’t manage to open the wallet ever…From the time I hear about the Daedalus for the firs time, I only see this blue screen with a bull :slight_smile:

I’ll try your option and I’ll let you know…

Thanks for your time :wink:

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Did you delete all the maps in there “DB-1.0” “GPUCache” “Logs” “Secrets-1.0” “Wallet-1.0” ?

looks like something on your computer prevents daedalus.exe connecting to the cardano-node

what can you see in a web browser when you try to open http://localhost:8090 while daedalus is started an waiting for network connection?

it should be
This server only accepts secure HTTPS connections.

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Nope… I get this…

This site can’t be reached
localhost refused to connect.
Search Google for localhost 8090

No, just kept the old ones because i do have some adas there. But if you dont… no need then

Do you have another computer you can try on the same network? After I found that my tablet ran Daedalus fine I stared looking for possible hardware/software conflicts on my computer and found the problem (a service for my killer networks nic).

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ok, this is an important information.
FYI, the current infrastructure is this

What: 7 main nodes (stakeholders)
Where: Internet (Amazon AWS)
TCP Port: 3000
What: cardano-node.exe (full node running in background)
Where: your local PC
TCP Port: 8090
What: daedalus.exe (visible wallet)
Where: your local PC

If you local daedalus.exe can’t reach the local cardano-node.exe and your task manager shows the node running, this means that either something already run on port 8090 on your PC (@merlot mentioned a service for the killer networks ethernet hardware) or that a local security suite (AV-Engine, Firewall, …) block access to localhost:8090
INstead of the build in task manager you can use Microsofts Sysinternals Process Explorer (
You have to start it with administrative rights. then right click cardano-node.exe, swith to TCP/IP tab and confirm that a local address is “LISTENING” on port 8090

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Unfortunately just one with Linux on it. So no go.

hmm, your screenshots didn’t look like linux.
Anyhow better:

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Ups sorry…I mean That I own another one with Linux.

Have you tried disabling IPv6. I’ve had the same problem on Linux and disabling IPv6 worked for me.
See this post:

I know you are on Windows and I don’t know how you disable IPv6 there but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
Also I remember seeing people on Mac having a similar issue with IPv6.

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hey guys, had no luck with VPN or system time change/adjust, but it seems running daedalus.bat as Administrator fixed the issue.
after syncing blocks 1-2 mins, it connected.

hope it helps!

Still don’t see port 8090 anywhere? This is what I get.

The red marked one 8080 is established for 30 sec but then disappears.

I did turn IPv6 off but still no success.
You said you are on LINUX? How can I install Daedalus on Linux if there is no download button on official site.
Did you get it it from Github?

Yes I downloaded it from github… and then spent about 5 days working out how to compile from source. The info page on github is pretty rubbish and doesn’t explain half of what’s needed to do.

If you are on Ubuntu/Debian you’ll find some valuable information here:

and here:

I’m on Archlinux, so I had to adapt the above slightly but finally I got it to work.

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this (dis)appearing red entries are normal and ok.

What seems missing on your side is this one I marked yellow

It looks like something else already is listening on this port on your PC and so cardano-node.exe can’t bind to it on startup.

Can you start TCPView from Sysinternals Suite. I assume there will not be this red market item

If not try to sort by LocalPort column and look for port 8090 and what process is running on it.

I did not handle with any ports, just running daedalus.bat opens the wallet easily.

Most of the people don’t have any issues. But there are also many of us that get rejected py some port problems. We investigating now :wink: