How to Interact with Cardano V1 Api?

I want to run full node of Cardano and want to interact with api v1. I downloaded daedalus wallet
which is synced, but when i try to hit the api using Postman, nothing happens.
here is the Wallet status

Here is postman call

If i change https to http

How to run and interact with a full node?

Hello! What Daedalus version are you running and what headers do you set for your request?

curl example:

When you use curl it requires to specify the Accept header and charset and also to provide a valid certificate, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Postman works for me even with no headers or certificates:

Maybe you just need to update the Daedalus, V1 support was added very recently.

I’m using DAEDALUS0.9.1

Windows build 1.1.5813 , with Cardano 1.1.1

I’m sending these headers in postman

Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8

but not getting any response. How did you ran the node ?

I have only launched Daealus, it uses full-node and exposes the same API on localhost.

You should update to the latest Daedalus 0.10.1 (Cardano 1.2.1), or at least 0.10 (Cardano 1.2) - 1.1 did not support API V1 yet.

Upgraded to DAEDALUS 0.10.1

Windows build , with Cardano 1.2.1 /

Its fully synced, now trying to hit but no response again.

Try executing GET at first. I haven’t tried POSTs yet from Postman. It might require a certificate, not sure.


tried this but didn’t worked. How to pass certificate? How can i get one? is there already available in the wallet installation?

You need to disable ssl from postman: