Cardano Wallet API v1 Beta (who has experience with this?)

Has anyone worked with the API and if so what has been your experience? I work primarily on Windows. I would like to develop a wrapper class in .NET / .NET Core or even C++ to make it easier to write applications.

One thing I noticed is that the examples use curl. So right off the bat I thought, why not build a library that interfaces with that to start out with. I found one that works with .NET called CurlSharp. Another thing I am not sure of is how do I run only the node and not the front-end Electron application? I was thinking of running Fiddler to see how local calls are made from it. From the docs - ’ Requests to the API need to send a client CA certificate that was used when launching the node and identifies the client as being permitted to invoke the server API.’ So I found inside Program Files\Daedalus\tls\ a file called ca.crt. Can I create my own cert and register it somehow or is this the one I am supposed to be using? My development tools are on the same machine as Daedauls, where my actual coins reside. One small fear I have is that I would mess something up and have to re-install then regenerate all blocks from genesis or worse.

–cacert ./scripts/tls-files/ca.crt
(from Creating a new wallet example)

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There is no need to run Daedalus at all if you want to use API because it’s the service of the node.
To use the API you could use a HTTP-client of your choice.

I would say yes, if you use mentioned ca.crt

I realize it is only REST calls but have you or anyone you know worked with the API? Someone on reddit mentioned there beng a Docker image? Charles on Twitter asked me to reach out to someone on his team so I did. If there were instructions on how to get setup in different environments (e.g. Windows vs Linux) that would be great. The cert I mentioned I only found by name. The API docs, for instance, did not tell me that is the one I should be using or how to start the service without starting Daedalus.

No, I haven’t because I don’t have any particular use case for it yet. But you’ll find many examples. Here once I’ll recommend to read:

Thanks for the info. I took a look at the postman article. I am waiting for the docker image to be updated to the latest version before I try it. Using a couple of tools related to Swagger, I generated a class that supposedly will work as a starting point. Although I still have to think about certs. Haven’t tested this yet and the code is kind of ugly. If anyone is interested in helping out with this project, that would be awesome. I would like to contribute anything I come up with to the community. I would like to use this or something like this personally so that I can build an Angular 5 / ASP.NET Core website that can interact with a wallet.