Wallet APIs and Swagger


Or you can generate a new version of the docs for whichever branch you are working on by running
cardano-node-swagger (I think that’s the name) which is an executable which lives in the wallet project. That will dump a swagger.json file you can open with https://editor.swagger.io and play around

Can you please tell me by what wandering you came to the link:

I need to know because I am trying to discover if I can make a special offline airgapped computer running Daedalus like I did for Ethereum using MyEtherWallet

The device I made is shown here on YouTube

In my opinion, the inability to generate private keys offline and the inability to make offline airgapped transactions using Daedalus are the largest barriers to it’s widespread adoption and health.

I want to help.

In order to make the device above I was required to learn JavaScript and AngularJS, find much documentation, make many personal relationships, and endure many false starts.

Now I will need to do that all again to make offline transactions and offline generation of keys a reality for Cardano.

Please, anything you can share with me so I can make the same type of device for Cardano will help everyone.

Thanks for your help

Hello, where can I get the APIs to get slot and epoch of Cardano?