Off-line transactions

Thanks to Cardano, Daedalus, Yoroi developers. All the ideas sounds good, the technology is very promising. I’m a beginner in Cardano system. Please, let me ask for an improvement. It would be crucial (for security reasons) to have a full node both on-line and off-line machines in order to make off-line transactions (including stake delegations), then to confirm the transactions on internet connected PC, e.g. via a small encrypted file using a flash-drive. Why is it important? Sometimes you never really know what is going on your on-line computer. A disconnected from network PC is much easier to operate from that point of view. But we’ll need a working and described feature in Daedalus. If there is one (for Windows, or, preferably, for Linux ), please, let me know. Thanks in advance, best wishes!

From wallet point of view, offline transactions work via hardware wallets. If you’d not want to use hardware wallets and generate transactions offline and submit it online, you could do so using cardano-cli.

However, if you’d like to chase this from wallet layer (I would not be very optimistic for such a change to go through anytime soon - without drilling down into my reasons), feature requests for Daedalus go via Zendesk support.

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Thank you.

Just in case anyone comes looking, I’ve documented the instructions of signing Cardano transactions offline with cardano-cli here.

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