Offline Transactions From the NodeJS Command Line

Hi All,
I am starting to build an airgapped device for creating encrypted offline transaction instructions to be passed to the Cardano Blockchain.

I have built a device that does this for the Ethereum blockchain by modifying MyEtherWallet source code.
I want to do the same thing for Cardano by modifying Daedalus

When starting my work with MyEtherWallet, I needed to understand what was going on under the hood.
So I signed up for online classes with Jordan Leigh.
His classes are now free

In this video, Jordan shows us how to generate a private key for Ethereum from the NodeJs command prompt.

In this video, Jordan shows us how to generate and send offline transactions at the NodeJS command prompt.

Understanding how to accomplish these tasks at the NodeJS console has made it possible for me to make the required modifications to MyEtherWallet for the project mentioned above.

I understand that Daedalus also runs NodeJS under the hood so it seems reasonable to suppose that I could generate keys and generate encrypted offline transaction instructions at the NodeJS console for Cardano in much the same way as is shown in the videos for Ethereum.

Can someone please tell me where I can find a tutorial on the subject or better yet a video?
Thanks for your help, John

Not sure if there exists any tutorial out there, but here are some links that might be helpful to you:

You could use the endpoint POST /api/wallets/new to create a new wallet and POST /api/txs/payments/{from}/{to}/{amount} to create a new payment transaction.

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Hi @Shunfan,
Thank you for pointing me to the documentation and for providing a code example.

In my previous post above I mention a video that shows how to make Ethereum key pairs
Here is the link again

From the video I was able to make step by step directions which assume the user knows nothing and is starting from a blank computer.
Here are those step by step notes about making key pairs

Here are more step by step directions.
These directions are for making transactions at the command line

The important thing about these directions is that they assume the user has a blank computer and knows nothing about how to accomplish the task at hand. This is the kind of help I need to get started with Cardano.
If I can get this help I will make a device for Cardano which is exactly like the one I made for Ethereum shown here again.

Have you ever created a Cardano wallet on a offline computer using the NodeJS command prompt.

Also, have you ever created encrypted transaction instructions for Cardano at the NodeJS command prompt using an offline computer and passed it to an online computer for broadcasting to the Cardano block chain.

If so, would you please consider doing a video about it?
Thanks, John

Though I have some background in Computer Science, I could not figure out how to use the wallet API yet. A few weeks ago, I tried to build Cardano SL on my server, but it failed to sync as my server does not have enough disk space. I tried to build Daedalus as well but neither it succeeded.

Since both Cardano SL and Daedalus is still in an early development phase, only a few people know how the layer and wallet work, and the documentation is not friendly to beginners. Therefore, it is hard to find even one tutorial. As Cardano grows and gains popularity in the future, we should be able to see more materials available online.

Hi @Shunfan,

Yes, no one seems to know much about the API except to say that it exists.

We have more luck with building Daedalus.
Check out the following video tutorials.

The following is notes made from the video above.

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