Cardano-wallet as backend with Daedalus frontend

I’m already running the cardano wallet backend (with API) on my server. Using the Docker composer setup. Which seems all great!

However, I want to use a frontend on my desktop PC. How can I configure the Daedalus wallet/GUI to use my own cardano wallet? Since I do NOT want the full blockchain on my PC, constantly need to sync. I want my full node on my server and use Daedalus as my frontend only…

Am I really asking too much? Do not think so. Please help me.

Never seen someone having hacked that.

You’d probably need to get the sources from and build something configured to connect to your server yourself. Documentation seems a bit challenging on first sight, though.

Interest in Daedalus is pretty waning. Even IOG themselves focus more on developing Lace further now.

Don’t know if the setup you have there makes much sense to me. If you have cardano-wallet on the server, your private keys are on the server. I’d rather want them locally.

Any specific reason, you don’t want to use one of the other good wallet apps – Eternl, Typhon, Flint, …? They don’t need any of this stuff, but just connect to a backend by the wallet provider. Secrets still stay on your computer and you can easily switch between them. Of course, it’s always advisable to use a hardware wallet to reduce risk further.