Wallet connect for Cardano

Hi all,

I asked this on reddit r/CardanoDeveloper but realised shortly after it’s probably better here.

Wallet connect for Cardano

The other day I was signing up for another projects (different crypto project) governance system. Via their web site you connected your wallet (iOS app) and you’re able to initiate a transfer.

If I had a website, I was wondering how I would achieve this with Cardano? Would the web app need to talk to the Daedalus api running on the local computer? Yoroi?

How could a site initiate a transfer from a wallet hosted in a remote location/computer? (Eg not a local CLI Cardano-wallet execution)

I thought that perhaps Integrate Cardano | Cardano Developer Portal would have had some more information. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Ultimately I’d be interested to know how to allow site users to participate in a smart contract auction initiated from the site. (Lots of other questions get raised at this point)

Any pointers greatly appreciated.


strongly-typed-bugs on reddit forwarded me to CIP-0030 | Dapp-Connector by rooooooooob · Pull Request #88 · cardano-foundation/CIPs · GitHub - it appears that this is not possibly yet?

I was hoping it would be available for a nicer user experience than asking the user to open their wallet and enter the details manually.

More links discovered whilst looking around for this: