Is there a Cardano wallet like Metamask?

For finclout, I am currently requiring a manual paste of the wallet address to process the payouts.

It would be easier for our users to have a browser extension wallet like Metamask to connect.

Which wallet would be the recommended integration partner for Cardano?

There are many choices: Eternl, Flint, Nami, Typhon, Gero, Yoroi.

I used Yoroi and liked it. From a dApp integration side, any favorites that you can recommend?

I listed them in the order I would recommend them :slightly_smiling_face:
For dApp integration, I would recommend the order: Eternl, Nami and Flint. Then, if there’s still time: Yoroi, Gero and Typhon. I’ve hears Typhon is more difficult to integrate.

Many thanks George! This helps a LOT!

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Great question @Jan_Daniel_Semrau!
I’d recommend checking out the Developer Portal showcase section.

I tried to add my project, but somehow can’t figure out the process. It looks like I need to complete a JSON file. Which would make sense in itself. I mean most of the config files for the stakepools follow a similar design paradigm. But what am I doing with it after that?

Just be VERY CAREFUL of browser extensions. They are not entirely secure. You can always manually paste an address in any wallet including Daedalus. Always weigh security against ease of use.

Thank you. That’s great advice.

As a user, I am not a fan of connecting through browser extensions. For most sites that I have used it (i.e, Jungle TV, Uppstream) the wallet disconnects frequently and I have to perform several steps to set it up again. But it does look more professional.

As an operator, I don’t like if wallet equals authentication. In Web3, this can lead to fraud / terrorist financing / money laundering problems. I kicked several users from sanctioned countries off the platform since I couldn’t KYC them properly.

If you have to process payouts, I recommend Eternl. They have Tx Builder that help you send payouts to more than 1 address (let you save tx fee too!)
They have browser extension and smartphone apps. Just check

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