Any Cardano Wallet Browser Extenstion?

Hi Cardano Community,

Would like to ask is there any wallet browser extension for cardano that work exactly like Metamask?

Personal Thought
Currently, metamask only allow us to connect it to ethereum related tokens and coin. Aside from that, different blockchain have different wallet. I found that it is quite difficult to switch around different wallet and coin. As a daapp user perspective, it seems like super silly to install different blockchain extension. Any thought on this?

Financial Point of View
I believe no one ever want to work on this extension because it does not bring income to the team like other dapp project.

Let get connected if you are working with this project, maybe I could contribute nah. Here is my linkeln. Cheers.

In case you’re not happy with Yoroi - you might want to ask Metamask to support Cardano… :grinning:

Hi POOLG, I am happy with Yoroi in Cardano ecosystem and Metamask in Ethereum and I do appreciate for all their effort by doing the free work just to help the community.

User Perspective
My only little concern is that currently there are different coins, tokens in different silos blockchain. It become super inconvenience if user are using dapp on different Ethereum, Cardano, Elrond and etc with different extensions. If there are 10 dapp in 10 different blockchains. User need to install 10 different browser extension in order to use all these decentralize application. It sound silly, isn’t?

Yeah, I wish there was a wallet to rule them all…

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