I have idea for Yoroi Wallet (Browser Extensions)

Need scammer blockers function (discord user/channels, telegram user/channels, youtube ads , websites etc. ) for Yoroi Wallet browser extensions.

This is something that would be nice in theory, but in practice it’s not easy to get it done right. Probably we would have to at the very least

  1. Make this list managed by the Cardano Foundation or some other entity with a legal requirement not to abuse this
  2. Make the entire history of modifications to this list publicly visible to anyone (including timestamps of when it was modified, etc.) and rationale for each change
  3. Allow people to make the transaction even if there is a warning about a scam

We run into the same problem with stake pools who may be malicious. As a wallet, we’d like to do something about it, but at the same time it’s not Yoroi’s job to tell you what to do with your ADA.