Cardano for artists?

Hello everybody,

My name is Andres, i’m an early career artist from Minneapolis. Super new to this whole crypto space, and I am wondering what can Cardano do for artists, so two question.

  1. Is someone working on building some kind of app, where you can upload your artwork, tokenize it, and sell it for ADA? I looked into Super Rare and Rarible, but I don’t like the whole application process. I just wanna be able to create a profile without any kind of filtering.

  2. Is it possible to kinda “stake” your collection of images and earn interest for it?

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Hi Andres,
Thank you for the question and interest. While I don’t have direct answers to your questions, I would like to suggest you check out the ambassadors program,

As a content creator ambassador, you can earn ADA for creating Cardano-centric work.