NFT art on Cardano blockchain?

Hey there,

I’m an artist based in New Zealand (and also a cardano delegator :slight_smile:

I’m interested in creating art that I can put on the cardano blockchain. (Note - i’m not very code savvy, coming at this from an artist’s perspective, so please bear with me if I get things wrong.) Reading through the roadmap, it sounds like something that might happen in the Goguen era? Next year maybe?

What would be ideal, is a marketplace with the following functions:

  1. To be able to sell works of art, or editions/series
  2. A royalty system - artists can get a percentage of future re-sales
  3. some way of seeing how the art travels, if its accumulating in price as it is resold etc

If anyone has any idea of timing with the above, let me know :slight_smile:

Maybe the above will just get wrapped into a site like Rarible ¯_(ツ)_/¯



welcome @Hansmoleman - I also have interests along these lines, but since I have no way of knowing when functional Smart Contracts will be fully implemented, or when we will be able to create new tokens on an actual multi-asset ledger, I would have the same questions as you (& we all do) about the roadmap & in the meantime am learning to develop smart contracts that will do most of the things above.

At some point after those milestones there should be a mass migration of Ethereum tokens like RARI to the Cardano blockchain. Periodically on this forum the marketing people & the Foundation announce that big Ethereum apps based on blockchain services have lined up for this, so I would keep following announcements like that.

Along with the multi-asset ledger will come a facility to migrate the Ethereum tokens directly to Cardano, so maybe Rarible will convert RARI as such & re-base their enterprise on Cardano, or support both. One motivation for blockchain app providers to do this are the massive transaction fees on Ethereum.

I think about these issues mostly from an online publishing point of view, which is a little different from collectibles but with some common elements like licensing. If none of the applications that migrate, or emerge anew, will handle the complex supply chain aspects like royalties, leasing, rentals, etc., maybe you can take a crack at developing it yourself, since the Marlowe smart contract language (“domain specific” to financial applications), is designed for “non code savvy” people to learn & use it, especially with the Blockly visual language:


Thanks for the reply COSD. I’ll keep my eye on the marketing channels, I think i’ve followed the right ones on Twitter.

I would love to be an early cardano blockchain artist. I’ve been developing a series of waves (I spend a lot of time in the ocean) so will be working on these in the meantime.

I’m also having a look at the Blockly link you sent and am going to see if I can give the left side of my brain a workout haha.

p.s. what aspect of publishing /licensing are you interested in?


I’d like to see and/or help create a Cardano-based, fully decentralised replacement for the Amazon Kindle Store… and while the world awaits that, to keep up with the educational efforts involved for authors & other creatives to sell their work using Cardano :nerd_face:


Nice one! I’ve just started using a kindle, love the thing but the books are $$ if you’re a voracious reader

Hit me up in this thread if you see anything cool I should keep my eye on in regards to cardano & art :slight_smile:


will do @Hansmoleman, and will be blogging about this subject from time to time on a new web site in development now… right now just a landing page, but please bookmark it for next month since I’m trying to launch the complete site before the re-delegation exodus:

Anyone staking with us will ultimately support methods of using Cardano for publishing in general. For now & the future, anything that I see or write that relates the blockchain art market I have noted to link back here until we have a suitable tag on the web site. :sunglasses:


That sounds interesting. I am very curious If there are plans (or at least the possibility) to launch a Cardano based social media platform like STEEM or HIVE in future?


@Hansmoleman perhaps you guys should connect…


Hi @Hansmoleman,

I’m also interested in NFTart, check out the insight I’ve posted on project catalyst -!/332283-48088


Thanks - I just signed up to project catalyst through your link. cheers for that. Do you know where things are at with the funding rounds, I seem to recall seeing on twitter that the second round had just closed?

Anyways, thankyou for getting in touch. Please let me know if you see or hear of any more progress with NFTs on Cardano

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No problem, happy to help where I can.

We’re currently on Fund 3. If you got to you can see the current active campaigns/ongoing initiatives.

I actually submitted a proposal for fund 3 here’s a link to it. Any feedback, criticism, advice and or thoughts are welcome & much appreciated. -

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Hey guys!
look at this article.
It mentions minting your art to the cardano blockchain using your own cardano tokens

friggin sweeeeet


Hello. I am an artist too (musician), and surely would love to mint Cardano NFTs with my pieces. Nice to know it is now a possibility, hope to see marketplaces launching soon!

OpenSea is allowing personalized “social money” from Roll so I imagine it will also be possible to use ADA or build a personalized token on top of Cardano which could then be used.

Alright I am exited to see where this will take us Artist :slight_smile: looking forward to follow this thread !

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I already have a collection of assets just like Crypto Kitties but in 3D and interactable. I am currently looking for developers or resources so if anyone is interested please reach out.

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I’m neither a developer nor a resource but I really want to see your project when it gets going!

Good luck!

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