(Advice) Completely New to the Ecosystem. inexperience/passionate

We are currently transitioning over and we wanted to open up to the community… And ask for any helpful advice on how to get started on developing our project we are a lot of older unfamiliar but passionate artists looking to get involved in the ecosystem. Where do we start?

Our pilot project will demonstrate the potential value of blockchain and augmented reality technology in museums and related art industry.

ArtsCanADA is an open source, non-profit, decentralized augmented reality art museum. It is blockchain based, and uses the power of distributed computing to allow anyone to upload digital art for distribution and exhibition. The project is managed by a board of directors from both the museum and the artist communities. Artists earn crypto-tokens for their art, museums host and display their work in exchange for crypto-funding for operating costs. A portion of all proceeds are donated to arts, education and digital archiving projects globally.


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Hello Chris,

I hope you are doing well.

I would love to chat with you about your projects and also possible collaboration areas.

Here is my email: dhruval@stalwartinfo.com

We can help you with proper guidance and support as well on your project.

Dhruval K

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