NFT Art, GPS and Virtual assistant connected to the blockchain-Catalyst Project

Hello community members,

So I recently put forward a question on today’s AMA with Charles regarding this same topic and wondered what he meant when he said is a Catalyst Idea to put forward. Can someone clarify this for me?

So I have this good idea for a project in the Cardano blockchain that can revolutionize the way we use the blockchain in real life applications. NFT art and collectibles can be applied as real art anywhere in the virtual sphere with the use of Augmented reality glasses virtually in any space you interact, but the applications far exceeds that of aesthetical and artistic use. With the integration of the Cardano blockchain you can create a virtual assistant that can virtually help you through not only taking care of your identity, education, social interactions online and your financial organization as well as transactions but also use as a GPS guide when we integrate the blockchain to these glasses as a tool of interface.

The augmented reality element adds an additional layer to our own reality to do exactly that augment our already used tools in our computers, GPS and phones. The creation of many new tools in the form of applications in the blockchain can aid individuals in many different and unique ways taking into consideration and modifying its user interface and experience to that individual particular needs and privacy.

If anyone see a merit in this proposition, feel free to contact me, would love to input many other ideas incorporated to such a technology.

Steven Martinez Garcia


hey @X3NTU check this out User guide - Ways to participate in Project Catalyst

I am not a technical person but happy to help any way I can

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Thank you! I appreciate the help, with a little research I found it as well and subscribed with the platform used to submit them. I am not a technical person in the Dapps but we will see how it all unravels.

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