FUND 8: Mint your own evolving NFTs, open a new dimension to art using our unique iNFT solution

Hey everyone,

This is Mat from the Artano core team. We’re the only 1/1, high-quality art bazaar that connects artists and communities on Cardano.

So far we’ve had a great amount of support from the Cardano community on our project. We wanted to scale our programmable NFT functionality, for which there is a high demand into a self-service, where users can create their own programmable/evolving art with no prior knowledge about the blockchain or programming.

We hope to innovate the creation of NFTs to fully utilize the proof of ownership with each sale through transforming how the NFT is interpreted by renderers on Cardano, based on on-chain paramters like the NFT’s price or time elapsed since minting. SmART Mint will enable users to create NFTs that will transform without the need to spend any additional ADA, a huge step compared to traditional burning and open policy mechanism that has both security and utility risks.

Our catalyst proposal received a lot of positive feedback form the CA’s, so we hope to get your support for our project which aims to connect communities and high quality artists on Cardano!

You can check our proposal here: Community

Thank you so much for continuing to support high quality artists on Cardano, we couldn’t have done it without you!