A huge step for Cardano! Artano, the NFT marketplace and Fund5 applicant, has released an automated auction for NFTs that change over time

Hey everyone,

tl;dr: We’ve released the first ever automated, UI-integrated auction on Artano, that features 17 artists from 14 countries, and NFTs that evolve over time. You can find the auction here: Artano.io | A community-driven NFT marketplace.

Longer version:

This is Mateja, CEO at Artano. I wanted to reach out to the community with a milestone of the “most promising NFT marketplace” on Cardano. We’re an EU-compliant company that aims to bring the world together under one, high-quality marketplace, curated by you, our future users!

We’ve introduced iNFTs (infinte NFTs) which are NFTs that change over time.

The collection has gathered people from all sorts of backgrounds and gives us geographic, cultural, socio-economic and educational diversity like no other NFT marketplace. Through this, we aimed to diversify the first cohort of artists, who will filter the first applications to our platform.

The first auction can be accessed here: Artano.io | A community-driven NFT marketplace.
You can see that most of the pieces have already been bid on, some even multiple times :smiley:

Here’s a guide on how to bid:

Why do I need a KYC, you may ask? We’ve talked to multiple lawyers about the future of NFTs, and most have advised us to adopt KYC early. We’re possibly the first NFT marketplace that has introduced KYC to avoid money laundering and prevent financing of terrorism. You can read more about our KYC procedure and why it’s needed here: https://artano-io.medium.com/kyc-and-aml-on-artano-51d98088c508

Hope to see some of you become proud owners of our first ever iNFTs. What do you think they will be worth when we have thousands of NFTs on our platform? :wink:

Have a wonderful rest of your week!
Mateja on behalf of Artano