Artano - The Most Ambitious NFT Project on Cardano (Monthly update)

Greetings from Artano,

Matt here, CEO and cofounder of Artano, the most promising NFT art project that aims to bring Cardano-based NFT’s to everyone. We’re a team of 8 people from 5 countries and growing! I wanted to give you a monthly update on what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of development.

  • Firstly, as our goal is to bring as many people to the NFT world as possible, we’ve partnered with folks from EduBlock who educate people about blockchain tech to make this happen and are already in the NFT space

  • We’ve been joined by Criptera, a well-known artist in the NFT space who will help us do user research and reach out to artists/collectors.

  • We’re currently forming a counsel of artists and collectors. The counsel will be compensated for their participation on the platform, and if you’d like to join you can reach out to me.

  • We’re currently working on our website (yes right now it’s an image). We had other priorities, so this is red-hot in the pipeline.

  • The developers are set to start their work on April 1, and we’re trying to get everything set up by then.

  • We’re waiting for Project Catalyst results, but if you know someone who can help us (Angel/Seed investors or Incubators please let me know). VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for us if you want to se NFTs on Cardano !

  • We have developed a solid business model that will not discriminate who joins the platform and will try to lower the fees as much as possible, yet we’ve added a filtering layer for fraud, as security of our collectors is our number one priority!

  • The pitch deck is almost complete and we’re working on a White Paper for investors

We’re building a community around our product, so you can join our discussion on

  • Telegram → @ artanoio
  • Twitter → @ AuthorityDefi

Project updates and open-source stuff will come on GitHub: github
Vote for us on project catalyst fund3: Artano

We’re super stoked that this is going forward and we’d really appreciate your input, ideas and help!

See you all around Cardanians :slight_smile:


Nice update thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s great to see that on Cardano :call_me_hand:

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Hi Matt, interest in potentially investing. How can we get ahold of each other?


Hi Nicholas,

Please reach out to me via email. I send you a DM.

Thank you for your interest!


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I would love to talk to the Artano team


Voted! Looking forward to this.

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Hi Matt. Can I please know more from the roadmap and timelines. Would like as well to invest and be an active member.

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Hey Nicholas,

you can find me via our Artano chat group: Telegram: Contact @artanonftmarketplace!

See you there!

Hey @pesqueira,

You can reach out to me directly or through the group: Telegram: Contact @artanonftmarketplace

You’ll find an April update here, where we’ll share our roadmap with the world. You can also contribute to our pool if you’d like… We’re always looking for delegators and we can jump on a call if you’d like to invest for shares.

Thank you and looking forward to talking with you soon!

Thank you for this I am interested in finding out more about this project. Particularly in terms of investing and or joining your counsel body.

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Hey Adriana, you can join the telegram group and find me there. For the council, we’d need to jump on a call (or two) and see if there’s a match between our needs and yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you on Telegram :slight_smile:

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Cheers! :grinning: I’m new to Telegram (&NFT’s) but have joined you there now. Look forward to chatting with you soon and learning more. I’ve also followed your Twitter as my art gallery account @leyden_gallery.

I am a young artist working in the animation industry and have been following Cardano pretty much since the beginning. This project sounds really exciting and it would be great if I could contribute in any way!

I will be joining your Telegram group and would love to reach out to you to hear some more details and what is needed at the moment.


Hi, nice name!
Is there any information about who is behind the project.
I would love to know more about the team and maybe get involved.
I am an artist myself.

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Hi Cesar, sorry for this super late reply, I’m trying to get a hang of the forum. You can see all information about our team at About – Artano!

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